Its has been 2 weeks since my 5th semester started. Time flies so fast that i almost got left behind by my research's plan. I just realized that i was so busy managing SV's grant last semester & as a result, my research didn't show any advancements. So this new semester, by hook or by crook i need to get all my experiments done & publish at least one paper in an iternational journal. Especially when UTM has made a new regulation regarding phd study:

"phD candidate at 6th semester is compulsory to have at least 1 paper WITH IMPACT FACTOR in an international journal before going to a Viva"

Impact factor is powerful enough, but to have a paper accepted in an indexed journal without impact factor is still very difficult for me to accomplish. How come they come out with such rule?? Argh.. It has been a sensitive issue for me when i heard anyone around me had succefully got their paper accepted when my papers have been rejected so many times. ItS not that i didnt put much effort on it, but i dont know why editors hated me so much?. One of my seniors said that our research area is outdated & a lot of people had done our research & their papers had been published in many journals. He barely made it to his viva but maybe Allah eases his path so he finally got 3 papers in international journals. All are published when he was in his 5th smester, that is his story. Each and everyone of us has a different path of life. I cant sit back & think that my life will be easier this semester. I'm going to work harder!

Work hard, work harder, work even harder!! I can do this! I want to graduate on time!!


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