Wednesday, September 21, 2011

4 seasons in Malaysia

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Asssalamualaikum and very2 good day to everyone..

As everyone already knows, Malaysia never has 4 seasons like any other countries that can experience autumn,spring,winter and fall. But, we have much interesting seasons that only happen in here; Hot & Raining seasons. Sometimes, the weather here is so unpredictable. In the morning you can feel the burning sun but as the noon comes, heavy rain will pour down onto you. As Malaysians, we are dealing this matter as fine as we suppose to be. It's not going to change anything if we can't deal with it so, be adjustable.

I'm so sorry for my foreigner friends who are very shock about these changes of weather here. at the same time, it's so funny watching them try to cope with this unpredictable seasons. One of my Iranian friend said to me "Malaysia has it's 4 seasons on it's own". So I ask what are they?. He replied "hot, very hot, very very hot and very very very very hot". Oh, he is so exaggerated. I bet he never been in Africa yet (me too). He must thank Allah that he got in UTM that located in Johor. I can't imagine how his reaction if he go to Kedah, Perlis or any countries in North of Malaysia. My hometown is in Kedah and when the drought season coming you just want to lay down under wooden rooftop while drinking ice-water and waiting for sun to set. 

I remember one funny memory I have due to this topic. After long semester study in Johor, I went back to Kedah to relax and rest and of course to reunite with my family again. But, as I arrived at my hometown the burning sun hurts me and I got a fever for 2 days. My body was trying to adapt with the surrounding but it can't. The heat transfer was too much to handle. That happened a long time ago. Now, I think my body can differentiate the surrounding and adapt with it well. Syabas bette!

Today is my 1st day of this week that I manage to hinder from being soaked with rain. Thanks to Kak Ros as she ask me to quickly going back to my hostel as soon as comulunimbus sky appeared. For last 3 days, I was drench while riding my scooter on tha way back to my hostel. But the nice thing is, I never caught a cold or fever due that. Alhamdulillah. Kak Ros said if you are spending in rain too much in Penang, you won't be able to wake up tomorrow morning if you are not take a bath immediately. I guess rain in UTM safe and sound.
This is my second time send an entry through my phone and find it easy and nice as long as no picture or video to be uploaded. Ok, see ya next entry :D


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