Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Family Member

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone,

Today I'm so delighted to write about my new family member, Mohd Alff Emran. He is my sis's first baby. My sis gave birth to Emran during Fasting month in Kedah and both of them are being taking care by my mother and my older sis. Emran is a very good boy, he rarely cries except when he wants his milk and when his pamper was fully filled. My sis was overdue from her expected date, so Doc has to force Emran out as he already ate his own poo inside her mom's womb. That was not healthy for a baby.

After a few days he was born, I went back home. So, I had a good experience taking Emran to check his "kuning" (what we call it in English) in hospital as her mom wasn't strong enough yet. After 2nd meeting with Doc, Emran passes that critical level and now he is much healthier and his weight is increasing too. That's good!

Now I know what is mean by "sleep like a baby" . Emran's look so calm eventhough he was sleeping on a cushion.

After all attentions have been draw to Emran, Miss Zahra feel so jealous. She will stick closely to my mom so that she will have all of my mom only for her. So cute.

Both of them are jewels in my parent's house. Just by looking at them and watch their face all our bad day will be removed. Kids are so pure but how come there were parents who throw away their baby in dustbin, in front of mosque and other places that she/he wasn't suppose to stay. Baby must be hold and stay beside her/his mother.

*miss them*


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