Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum minna..
Ohaiyo gozaimas~
As our daily life getting better and easier with new inventions, I found an easy way to publish an entry without opening our laptop. That is, by write it in email and send it to blogspot. I find it really convenience as it easy for me to blogging via my Blackberry device.
This entry is make through my phone and works as a trial too. Ehem ehem.. Percubaan percubaan.. 1 2 3.
Hopefully this entry will publish normally on my blog. I'll use this method if this is ok because I want to use my phone optimally and I can keep on updating my blog regularly. I like too keep my moves on track so that when I'm getting bored and old I can sit back and read my blog again. This kind of things are so fun to do. You won't realize that something you are currently doing can motivate you later and bring back the old memories.
Ok, that's all for PERCUBAAN writing an entry via emel. :D


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