Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013


Alhamdulillah...its a brand new year! Though its Masihi calendar its still a new year right? Chin up!

2012, we have been working our very best throughout this year...
Have attended few conferences..
Have visitted few interesting places..
Make precious bonds with nice friends (formerly known as stranger)..
Some of friends got married, pregnant & have baby...i'm happy too. (Dont say any word!)

*big applause*

2013 is the year to work harder, to be more knowledgable, nicer, smarter, and better. New azam?hahahaha I call it priority and aim:


Yeah, i'm that desperate. It's because I want to grad on time and the most important criteria to grad is indexed paper.

Anyway, thank you Sha & Trex for these new year's wishes. Never see its coming, prince charming huh? after my paper appears on google scholar or web of science, maybe.

Nope, just kidding.

I'm hoping the same thing too, hopefully three of us, nope, everyone of us will find our own prince charming soon. We're not getting younger. Hehe.She maybe a succesful person at her workplace or maybe a good phd student in her lab or a smart researcher but a girl is still a girl.

InsyaAllah. I'm waiting here, my prince charming. It doesn't matter if you aren't charming enough, just come to me when you're ready. we'll charmed each other when the time comes. ❤


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