Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last words from a mother


I think everyone might had realize how much I love Naruto looking at my pictures i've uploaded in most of my entries. For me, Naruto has taught me many things that i cant learn in real world (sounds like a true otaku). I started reading Naruto since my 3rd year of degree and now i'm in final year of PHD, nearly six years i cried and laughed with it. But, one moment i cried the most is when Naruto met with his mother, Kushina in his subconscious mind. 

Naruto's mom and dad's love story was so cute
Red mom and yellow dad produced an orange boy. heh.
Two epic episodes that change the whole story.

They died protecting their beloved newborn from nine tails fox.

Knowing that she can't be with her beloved newborn in the future, Kushina left very2 precious words:

Don’t be picky.. Eat lots and grow strong..
Make sure that you bathe every day and stay warm..
Also.. Don’t stay up late.. You need lots of sleep..
And make friends.. You don’t need a lot of friends..
Just a few.. Ones you can really, really trust..

I wasn’t very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard..
Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses..
So don’t get too depressed if you can’t do something well..

Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy..
Oh, and this is important.. It’s about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi..
Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money..
Put your mission wages into your savings account..
No alcohol until you’re twenty.. Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation..
Another Prohibition is women..
I’m a woman, so I don’t know too much about this but..
All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women..
So it’s only natural to take an interest in girls..
But just don’t get hooked on bad women.. Find someone just like me..
Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, you know..
Naruto, from now on, you’re going to face lots of pain and hardship..
Be true to yourself..  

Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true..
There’s so much.. Oh, so much more that I want to pass on to you.. I wish I could stay with you longer..
I love you”
— Uzumaki Kushina

This is like my 5th times watching it and still, it brings tears to my eyes. Emo gila kan?
I'm a sucker for mom-son/daughter bonding. They are so pure.


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