Monday, August 12, 2013

Ayah: Day 1 Rebah

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Ayah suddenly fell and his left side was paralyzed when he were preparing a place to make lemang. It was a day before raya and obviously Ayah was super-excited about it. That morning he told mak that he was gonna add another 2kg of beras pulut so that lemang will be enough to be distributed among his colleagues and besan-besan. Mak goes against Ayah this time as Mak already knew that ayah's health was at its lowest these few days but Ayah still with his decision. He went outside to makesure his lemang will be made in a perfect condition.

Older bro cried my name from outside "ayah lembik!" while trying his best to hold Ayah. When i arrived i saw older bro were desperately pulling Ayah to get into the house. All family members gathered around Ayah and massage him. Bro took him to district hospital for further treatment then ayah was transferred to the bigger hospital new few hours. 

Doctors scanned ayah's brain and they found blood inside his brain that prevented oxygen and giving pressure to the other parts of his brain. My family members rushingly went to the hospital and break our last fasting at the hospital. Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidilfitri but Ayah didn't even recognize us. 



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