Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ayah: Day 4 Pampers

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Raya ke 3 and ayah's condition still has not showing any improvement. He lose the ability to pee naturally so doctor has to provide him with pampers. Ayah has a big build that giving us difficulties to pull his leg the first time we want to change the pampers. Luckily Adi, our cousin from ayah's side came to visit. Together with him, me, Enah and Mak changed ayah's pampers. Ayah seems embarrassed when his daughters were cleaning his pee. He tried to speak but his lips cant functioning very well too.

After that, i went outside to stay with Zahra as Kakla wanted to come into the ward. Child below 12 yrs old cannot enter the ward. I took Zahra to the playground where all the children gather. I need a space to breath too. Unfortunately, there were so many children. i forgot about raya holiday. All patients' relatives are taking this chances to visit. 

Then, Kakla comes and i leave Zahra with her while i taking a break under a tree. Suddenly, there is a sick-looking woman came and started talking. She told me that she was just delivered a premature baby 2 weeks ago. She can go back home while her 7month old infant still needed full treatment. However, she still needs to come to the hospital to breast feed her baby. Her motherly tone suggested that she's okay with that as long as her baby is okay. She's the same age as mine and alreadya has 2 children. I feel intimidated when i told her that we're have the same age but i'm still a student and single. The difference is somwehow menakutkan..... 

Nurse ties Ayah's arm because he wants to remove the tiny tube near his nose.
Sabarla Ayah..


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