Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ayah: Day 7 Redzone


I arrived at ayah's new ward around 10am with Enah. Currently, she is our driver. In the morning, she send me and taking mak home. At 6pm she came to take me home and 1st bro took the baton to stay with ayah. The cycle is running perfectly these few days, and we will stick with the cycle until ayah got discharged. 

After mak and enah left, i started to massage ayah's left body like how the physiotherapist taught me. Then i feed him with his nutritious milk and finally, his medicine. I sit on a chair beside ayah after that. 

My power nap was disturbed when a group of doctors came to do a regular check up. A Chinese doctor came closer to me and started to explain about ayah's condition. She said they need to take ayah to the new hospital again to do a CT scan. 

Huh?! What is the point they transfer ayah to the old hospital and get back to the new hospital one day after?A nurse came in and i was asked if i want go to the new hospital with ambulance too. I said yes. It was my 2nd time. 

Ayah's head was scanned and he was put in the Red zone/emergency room after the result was obtained. They found that the bleeding inside his brain is getting wider. The infected area has increased as ayah has been feeding a medicine to liquify the blood and his hypertension making it worst. I was called by the neuro surgeon team for further arrangement. The surgeon told me every single details about ayah's condition and the surgery they might do in order to remove the blood. He told me the possibilities and risks about the outcome. 

I was confused. 

From what he told me, the surgery seems like a bad idea. 
I told him that I need to consult with my family members before giving him the final decision, either to proceed with the surgery or not.
I hurriedly call all the family members to discuss the urgent matter. 
As expected, they are all agreed with me - the surgery will do more harm than good.

They took ayah upstairs and once again he was admitted in his old ward in the new hospital but in different bed. I went to the old hospital to take ayah's belongings.

 It turned out the staff at the new hospital has made a silliest mistake in her life, enough said.


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