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Blissful birthday

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Few weeks ago, when Enah was still in kampung Mak told her giving-birth-experience. 3 of us were sitting beside Ayah at that time. Mak must be feeling nostalgic looking at her husband.

Mak told us, i was born on Friday, 1.34PM when all men including my Ayah were at mosque to perform Friday prayer. Mak suddenly felt the urge and i came out to this world in our house. During that time, Mak's life at near death condition but luckily my late Tok, a very capable kampung's midwife was there. Ayah was called from mosque and Mak was transported to the nearest hospital. 

 The infant me not only was premature but had a very serious skin problem too. My skin became fish-like and was submerged in medicine filled tank each morning for 20 days. Mak said i kept on screaming and crying to a point where Mak has to cover her ears and close her eyes. She was so afraid she might gone 'meroyan' every time the doctors did that to her newborn. Each time i was taken out from the tank,the doctors left me under a blue light and my skin will started peeling off until it replaced with the one. 

It means, my current skin is the 20th generation skin. Now that explains a lot. 
I can't wear anything fancy except gold, regularly having eczema, scar can't left me etc.

On the other hand, i survived.

Indeed, I'm super grateful
I was a survivor newborn
People expected me to die just after few days i was born
But now i'm living the life i wanted to
Thank you Allah

People said the same thing to Ayah
But as the living proof of Allah's blessing,
No matter what people said, 
I hope Ayah will survive his test too.

Be strong Ayah!
That's the only wish from me, the 27th year-old birthday girl

      Both of us at the hospital 3 weeks ago
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  1. Selamat Hari Lahir Ekmi!!!hepinya dapat berkenalan dgn ekmi.Alhamdullilah baby kena rendam tu dah membesaq dgn sihat & berjaya :)

    1. Kema, kami pun hepi dapat kenai Kema. Hepi belated bday 9hb9. Terlupa dah wish ka belum.

  2. smg ayh cepat sembuh yer.. ameeennn