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Seni seni mural

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I've been continuosly writing about my father's condition for the past few weeks so, as the new entry for the new month i wanna share something new too. It's about a project to repaint the long mural at my school, Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena. 

My batch Saina 99/03' had painted that long mural (i call it 'long' because it's actually really long) after PMR 01' so the long mural is not only long but it's also quite old, 12 years old gitu. 

Let me share the process..

Kemunculan Idea
The idea to repaint the mural first came into my mind after me, Anie & Trex visitted Saina right after attending Kak Has's wedding in Pendang. 

We took some interesting photos while we were there however, this one has touched me the most. The colour were fading away taking our precious school memories along with it. It took me by surprise that the school management was still hasn't repaint any new mural on top of our long mural, a part of me was rejoiced & urging to do something. When i arrived at home i texted Anie about my idea to repaint the mural. She said 'joms!" but we need to plan for it first.

Modus Operandi
Firstly, i approached all Persatuan Seni's members and told them about the idea.  I can't imagine if only me and Anie repainting the mural, we need our former members & luckily they were excited about it too. Yes!
Then, i called Cikgu Sopi for permission. Granted!
Here comes the most important part, i posted a status on our batch's fb page to invite more people to join in and to ask for donation as i told Cikgu that this mural is our responsibilty. Ngeh. 

Alhamdulillah, my friends were very supportive. We have enough money to buy all the colours. 

Hari Kejadian
I arrived at Saina at 11am and saw Dila & Shakin were there. Three of us went to buy paints at Pekan Pokok Sena and few minutes later Hani, Solha, Anie & Shidah told me they have arrived too. They started the painting first. 

Idi (front) is mixing red & yellow paint to produce orange coloured paint while Shakin (back) is testing the light blue coloured paint, the combination of blue and white. We had also produce purple colour by combining red and blue, green colour from the combination of yellow and blue and pink the red and white combo. Seni is all about creativity to produce synergystic & fantastic effects after all. Shakin made 2 beautiful butterflies with that effect. Sayang i didn't take their picture.

Shidah is one of the music class students but her enthusiasm for Seni and fpthis project is really admirable. She said she was gonna play recorder as she didn't know how to paint but i figured the brush and paint suited her best. There weren't any aircond back then so we have to squezing ourselves under the aircond to paint.

Dila (orange shirt) is one of the earliest to arrive, i hope she will be in the next project too.... Anie (hand only) had produced a stunning butterfly that day. She's my right hand and this project can't be done without her. Seriously, thank you Anie.

Shue (holding a baby) came with her son and her sister. She was sitting at the right in the first picture- scroll to top, you can know the time is actually ticking when you look at her son.

Solha (front) came soon as she landed from KL's flight, she's been very quiet compared to her usual self to not let her KL's slang coming out. As i just arrived from Johor a day before, I found my lips were trembling in fear too. Kinah (middle) was one the music-class students back then but she was also one of the Persatuan Seni members. Hani (back) was my doormate+classmate, i was so happy when she said she wanted to come early and bought a blue pelaka. That saved a lot. Wish Hana can come too.

These two boys are Zam (taking this picture) 's nephew. They are very talented just like their makcik. I heard they even repaired some butterflies. 

At 6pm Apit, Farid, Tobiaq and Kerol Hazwan came and they managed to paint another 2 panels.
So, at the end of the day 10 panels out of 18 had been repainted. 
We will continue this project some other time later.

I hope there will be more participants next time.
And that time I'm gonna makesure sign "SPM 2003" will be painted as well.

Thank you for all painters, money contributors and moral supporters.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you sooo much!

Seni itu menyatukan.

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