Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New bed for Ayah


Ayah’s health has been improving these past few weeks. As one of ayah's homecare team, I’m feeling very happy while looking forward to his  best condition. However, ayah’s backside seems aching because he has been bedridden for almost 3 months. He can’t sleep for long hours now,. He will call my name or anybody near to help him sit. One morning, he fell off his bed when mak went to the kitchen. Then I decided to buy a new proper bed for ayah. This time he really needs a hospital bed with side rails and fowler so that mak can make ayah sit and sleep without using much energy.

 Air rippled mattress was bought before ayah got the permission to discharge. After surveying at different shops, Mutiara Pharmacy in Alor Star offers affordable price at RM350 after discount.

I started gather around information of the suitable bed and surveying for it most affordable price. The nearest pharmacy is the Master Pharmacy in Penang. I tried to find other pharmacy in Kedah that sell the bed but they require longer time to order from their supplier. So, Penang here I come!

I was amazed with the fact that Master Pharmacy is very easy to find. They located just behind Megamall Penang. I bought ayah’s bed at RM1350 and blood pressure detector at RM180. The lorry’s rent from Penang to my house in Jeniang, Kedah was RM160. 

This bed works perfectly for ayah.


  1. Terharunya..yang penting untuk keselesaan ayah :)

    1. Betul Kema, semuanya bagi dia seselesa mungkin



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