Thursday, November 14, 2013

Maksu passed away


I was at Zaza's wedding in Segamat when Enah smsed me telling that Maksu has passed away. I grabbed Nadia's arm and told her the news. We had just arrived after 3 hrs driving from JB. After taking a picture with pengantin, both of us excused ourselves to take pengantin's gifts out from my car together with Pakya. Alhamdulillah..especially for Zaza, I managed to collect enough money to buy her vacuum cleaner, Tefal rice cooker, Lovely Lace clock and stove. Our tradition strikes again.

 I'm smiling but not really smiling
Sori Zaza. Nak sangat stay lelama tapi mak saudaraku meninggal...

Initially, I decided not to go back as I just arrived at UTM, there are so much works and testing i planned to do and i have booked DSC machine on Monday too. But when I think deeper, I really need to be with my family at this time. So from Segamat, i went back to UTM to retrieve all my belongings and started the journey to Kedah at 7.40PM. I stopped at Melaka to sleep for 3 hrs. I was very tired and woke up at 2AM.

The journey continued accompanied with flowing tears when my mind catches the memories of Maksu. She was my father's sister in law. When i was in Saina, i always went to Paksu's house everytime I had holidays, their house is  much closer to school compared to my house. Tokchik (maksu's mother) told me that it was Ayah who charmed with Maksu first and decided to make Maksu her sister in law even though Maksu already has a boyfriend. Ayah knew Maksu when they both working with KEMAS and because ayah has only one brother, he wants the best for Paksu.. Due to Ayah's persistence, Maksu's family accepted Paksu (more like Ayah's) wedding proposal. Mak told me when Paksu and Maksu just got married, Ayah always take Mak,older brother and older sister to Maksu's family house by his motorcycle every weekends. Ayah really love her sister in law. When ayah was hospitalized, Maksu crying a lot too.

Without realizing it, i arrived at Kedah at 7am. I looked at ayah on his bed. I know he's super sad. His beloved sister in law has passed away and he cannot go to see her for the last time. Ayah started to cry while saying
"Adik aku dah takdak..."

I left ayah in Enah's care and left to Paksu's house in Kuala Nerang. My cousin said Maksu will be buried at 11AM so if i hurry i might my able see Maksu for the last time.

I was very lucky
I had the opportunity to mandi, kafan and follow Maksu to her new resting place. All the experience i gained with arwah Tok really helps. I can control my emotions. At 2PM I went back to my home, i was very tired that time but i can't sleep.

These painful things came at once, i need to catch my breath.


  1. Salam takziah utk famly ekmi..

  2. TQ Kema. Psl TGA tu kena kansel dlu la..

  3. Ekim, so sad to read this blog, why Maksu pass away? :(

  4. I am Khanh from VN lotus travel, today have alittle time and I read your blog, I am so sad to hear that...Salam takziah utk Ekim

    1. Miss Kahn, tq so much. She passed away due to her illness. You can speak Malay now?? i'm impress



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