Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ayah yang dulu bukan yang sekarang


what a long title i put up there.
But its true though.
Ayah is no longer the same as he was before.
everything twists 180degree soon after he was bedridden since 5 month.
 it really took my family by surprise.
But ayah is a survivor. When doctors have gave up, he struggling and clinging to life
and alhamdulillah ayah is getting better in our care.
My family learns a lot from this.

Our leader has fallen ill.
His co-pilot, Mak has to be strong to lead the family.
His subordinates, his children have to stay strong too.
 we believe, Allah never abandons us.
Allah showers us with reminders by taking 2 precious people away and took away ayah's health
Indeed, a valuable gift to increase our iman.

3 years ago
Great health, still strong to carry Zahra

5 months ago
Unconscious state 50/50
Ayah cannot talk, eat thru feeding ryle tube
He didn't even recognise me

2 days ago
Alhamdulillah he's fully concious
He can call everyone around if he wants to pee or drink
Best thing is, he can recite Al-Fatihah now.
But still cannot follow my pace when i reciting Yaasin besides him.
 I need to go super slow so that he can follow. After 10th ayat he will stop and only listen.
I'm on a mission to make him fully able to recite 3 Khul.
I'm very happy with my life now.


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