Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mak Cik Urut


After 2 months away from UTM, I was told that my viva’s date has been decided.  So, I was on road again.After a continuous driving from Kedah to Johor alone, I arrived at UTM at 6PM.
Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.There wasn’t any accident or heavy traffic except one near Tol Skudai which was very minor.

I went and back to lab to prepare my viva’s note.3 days later, the effect of sitting at long hours started to kicks in. My muscles and body ache everywhere.Then I knew I need to berurut.
I tried to call Ummi Skudai but I lost her contact number at the same time my blackberry died.
I have K.Sha and Akmar left.
But both of them cost a lot. My budget is very tight this time.Plus, K.Sha’s way of urut is too painful.

So, I watshapp’ed Nadeya to ask her about the tukang urut she had told me before.However, the tukang urut’s house is too far from UTM. I don’t think I can make it in my current condition.Then K.Dayang gave me a number. Cik Som is the owner of the number.Luckily, Cik Som has finished her job and I told her to wait for me.We can go to her house together.Cik Som is a cleaner in my faculty.

Cik Som told me she only urut for emergency only.She doesn’t do it regularly because she has two OKU children.My heart melted when I saw them.

I kind of confuse why people say mengurut is comforting and relaxing.

It was never relaxing for me. It actually hurts a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“YA ALLAH”“mak!” “Ow!” “OHHH!” “SAKIT!!!” I screamed nothing but those words in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Cik Som didn’t cost much.
When I asked her about the pay she just said, its up to me.
I gave her the normal pay I used to give to other tukang urut and she refused it.
She said it was too much.Finally, she accepted it after I told her the balance will be for another round later.That was only an excuse so that she’ll accept my money, actually I want to give it as a sedekah.
She said, next time urut is free of charge. She still doesn't want to receive my money.

Alhamdulillah after 2 days, my body feels lighter and better.
Perhaps, I don’t need a second round.

P/s: Anyone near Taman U or UTM yang nak diurut can contact Cik Som Cleaner UTM at 0177701740. She's good and nice.

Thursday, April 10, 2014



After an endless powerpoint-ing session, I need to take a rest.
With a few slide shows still in need of an extreme editing, I think it’s better for me to do something else first, or else I’ll lose focus. (1st alasan for procrastination!)
and there was a story I can’t get it out of my head.
Some called this withdrawal symptom and I’m sure every novel reader will face this after-effects situation once you’d found a very good story.
Those nice paragraphs just kept coming back.
So, to let me get it out in here.

It’s about the love story of Rianne and Riitho in one of the 5 novels I bought at BBW Penang.

Rianne De Zoete was a pretty, rich, spoilt girl and the heiress of a powerful mining company in South Africa. She’s a white and as far as she concerned, black people only exist to be white’s servant, nothing more. Her father, Marius’s has disappeared after her French mother passed away. She was sent to a boarding school in London by her aunt to learn about discipline and manner. At there, she met happy-go-lucky Charmaine, deep Nathalie and bookish Gabrielle, all 4 of them were roommates.

At first, Rianne had awful difficulties to adapt. Not only she didn’t have servants to help her but she needs to share the bathroom with black people. The black-white relationship in London was in better condition compared in her hometown and she hated it. During an outing, she bumped into a black boy that Charmaine liked. Riitho Modise was a handsome black boy (as described by many people), rich and the son of a powerful political leader in South Africa. Riitho’s father, Modise was locked together with Nelson Mandela. They fought for their freedom from white people’s oppression and it makes thing clear for both of them.

Rianne and Riitho hated each other to their core.

8 years later, Rianne has became a glamorous and most sought after model. With her mixed French+South Africa blood, she featured in billboards, magazines and countless catwalks in fashion show industry. Being a rich girl, she chose a modelling career as she doesn’t need to do anything other than a little posing. While Riitho has built his career as a young architect in New York. One day, on her way to Paris, Rianne once again bumped into Riitho at the airport. They still hated each other but at the same time something strange has occurred inside Rianne when she looked into Riitho’s eyes. At that time, Rianne already has a model boyfriend, Oliver.

A year later, Riitho featured in Time magazine’s front cover because of his achievements. Rianne bought the magazine and reads about Riitho when she’s in a plane with Oliver. The last question asked to Riitho hits her so much,
“Do you want to go back to South Africa?”
“Yes, it’s my hometown”
She, who has the every right had never thought about going back to South Africa while Riitho, who was in exile and forced to separate from his family wanted to go back.
She copied Riitho’s office address and went to find him.

Both of them were shocked with the fact that Rianne has made the 1st move.
A move that will break many rules.That night, Rianne has to go to a restaurant and leave at its backdoor then, Riitho waited at the backdoor. Riitho took her to another hidden place just to have a dinner. Riitho has to slip away from his bodyguard and his followers while Rianne has to avoid publicity and her high class family’s watcher.They have to maintain their relationship away from public as they both were from opposite parties and colours.
They started secretly dating after soon after that and their risky relationship continued for 4 years. No one else knew except for Riitho’s most trusted bodyguard and bookish Gabby.
A sudden twist happened when Rianne was kidnapped by Riitho’s followers as a bargaining chip to Mandela and Modise’s freedom. Media started to notice their relationship when 2 of Riitho’s bodyguards were killed during the dramatic rescue. Riitho was called by his father’s political party while Rianne was hidden somewhere else.

A year later, Mandela and Modise were freed. South African and the whole world were celebrating the most historic event. Riithos and Rianne were separated again when Riitho chose to support his father to fight for black people’s freedom.Rianne was left out and critiqued.Her aunt and the rest of her families in South Africa hated her.Even the modelling agencies banned her.They viewed her as traitor. Both Rianne and Riitho were traitors.

3 years later, Rianned has backed on her feet and worked as a photographer but she never forgotten about Riitho. She had watched Riitho on TV during the merging of Mandela’s and Modise’s parties. Riitho has opened an architecture agency in New York after everything about Mandela-Modise has settled down and after his mother, Njeri tried to force him into marriage.  Political marriages with black girls, not with some arrogant white girl. Njeri kept reminding her son.

Gabby and her husband Nael, a Palestinian and also Riitho's roommate while in boarding school  planned to make them together again.
When Nael went to meet Riitho, he realized that Riitho wasn't at his best condition neither.
"It's hard" Riitho sighed
"What is hard?" he asked.
"Being without her"
After nearly 5 years of separation, they met for the first time in Gabby’s daughter ceremony.
They have mature in many ways. 

"De Zoete, do you know what will happen if you cross the door?" he asked

She nodded and they fell in love again.
but this time, their aims and will were stronger than before.
They fought hard for their relationship.
After 2 years of fighting to win their families’ blessings, they won.
Rianne and Riitho got married at the last page of the story, 20 years after their first accidental meeting. Gila.

Everything and nothing.
The End.
Happy ending is nice.
The novel entitled Sundowners 
Wrote by Lesley Lokko
Another thing that makes this novel special is how it shows the vast knowledge of the writer in Geography. Nathalie has a boyfriend, Shacha Nilam from Malaysia (a Malay + Germany, if I'm not mistaken). She came to Malaysia to start up her factory in Shah Alam, there were some communications in Malay between Sacha and his Nek and Sacha travelled from Shah Alam to Singapore to meet with Nat's mother. This is the first time I read about Malaysia in an English novel, which is so awesome.
Good job Lesley Lokko!


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