Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My loving father,
My hero,
The person who is always stood behind my selfish decision,
My number one supporter and protector,
The reason for my every action,
The source of my happiness and sorrow.
My first teacher.

Left me on 31st July 2015 (Friday at 1.30PM) after 2 years of bedridden due to stroke.
Kind of funny, cause I was born on 19th Sep (Friday at 1.30PM).

Left this world in front of me.
He used to said "Ayah mimpi ayah mati..sebelah Dikmi"
True. I can still remember the moment, the coldness of his feet. It will never fade away and it hurts.

Rest in peace.
I love you very much and I know you knew it.
I hope we can meet again in Jannah.
InsyaAllah, may Allah help us.


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